Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wall Hung Cabinet - progress

So the "next weekend" I was planning on turned into 10 months, but I finally got a chance to work on this project again. I used to wonder how it could take upwards of a year to get a project done, but now I get it. As I was teaching, I realized that I didn't have much time to get anything done outside of school and I would rather spend my weekends relaxing. Now that it's summer break, I'm making it my mission to get this thing done.

I picked up a couple of pine boards and got to work cutting out the trim pieces. I wanted solid wood on the trim so that I have something sufficiently strong to cut mortises in for the door hinges. I need practicing mortising hinges, so this project is going to test my skills on that. I cut some mortises for hinges when I built my outfeed table, but that was a long time ago and I need to make a new jig to cut the mortises.

My saw still works fine even though it's been sitting for almost a year. I have to clean up the top again since it's a little rusty. I really need to find a covering solution so that I can slow down the rust. I could just make more projects and that means I'd have to keep the saw clean and tuned regularly. I do have a bookshelf and some storage for my room to make, so that's coming up for me after I finish this tool cabinet.

Got the trim on. I still remember how to do this.
I still haven't made a thin-rip jig yet. This makes for some interesting situations when I want to make thin strips for covering plywood edges. Since I don't really have a good solution, I'm still resorting to cutting them on the right side of the blade. Luckily, my saw has a good riving knife/splitter, so it keeps the kerf very open as I pass the wood through the saw. I did have a close call with my push block today. It always serves as a good reminder as to why I use safety equipment when I'm using the saw. The blade chewed off a small corner of the push block. I know that's the point of using the push block, so I saw it as a good reminder that if I didn't use it, that could have been the corner of my thumb.
Better the push stick than my thumb.
I have to sand the joints all flush and then I need to build some drawers. I planed down some solid stock to make drawers, and I can probably build those tomorrow. That will give me a chance to play with my box joint jig. I haven't used that much since I built it, but I want to give it a shot.

Now that it's summer, I hope that I can make at least one more project. I can't really justify having good woodworking tools if I'm never doing any woodworking.