Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Nightstand (finally)

I started the process of making my nightstand yesterday. I went down to Home Depot and picked up a few pieces of #2 pine and got to work cutting the legs to size. I had started on the top a while back, but I didn't have any time to get things going until now. Luckily the panel I glued up way back then was fine and is still flat and strong. I just need to cut that to size.

As with all my projects, I started with cleaning off my table saw since it was a little rusty. WD-40 and a white scotch-brite was pretty much all it needed to get rid of the bulk of the rust. There was no pitting or anything major, so I hit it with some T9 and let it dry for a few hours. I then got to sizing the pieces for the legs. I got them in the clamps and let it sit overnight.

Doesn't look like much, but it'll be some table legs...
I didn't really get much work done today since I wanted to spend it relaxing. I took a trip out to Lahaina and that was nice to unwind while I still have time left in Spring Break.

Since the nightstand I built for Nadine only took me like 3 days total, I'm guessing that I can finish this all before the weekend ends. I even lucked out and found the rough plan I made for her nightstand, so I can reference that for all my mortise and tenon cutting. I can also use my plunge cutting bit that I bought back when I built the other nightstand. I'm sure that will work much better than the regular straight bit I used last time. I was so impatient to build Nadine's night stand I did all my joinery cutting before my order came in. Now I have the proper bits and I understand how to build everything this time. This should go faster.

Tomorrow I have to size the apron panels, cut the mortises, and taper the legs. Once that is done, I can put together the base and get that glued and clamped up. I think that if I get up early enough, I can do that in the morning and then spend the afternoon sizing the top, making the breadboard edges, and put together the drawer. I think that I might be able to get the entire thing finished tomorrow, but we'll see how that goes.

I'm trying not to rush through this so I don't ruin anything, but I know that I can do this quickly. It wasn't hard the first time. It should be just as easy this time.