Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Almost there

I spent time on Monday putting together the cleats for the drawer on my nightstand. My planer came in handy yet again for planing down some wood to fill the gap between the rails and the inside edge of the leg. I put in the cleats that keep the drawer from tipping out and called it a night. Going to work all day didn't leave me much energy to do a lot of woodworking.

Yesterday I finished up pretty much the rest. I cut the top down to size and made the breadboard edges. This time I didn't almost kill myself with my router while I was making the blind cuts, so I figured that was a good thing.

Being lazy, I cut the tongues for the breadboard edges using my router. I wasn't really feeling like setting up my dado blade again, so I figured that I'd use my 3/4" straight cutter on my router table. That actually turned out really well, so I think I may just do that next time I have to cut a tongue on a table top.

I clamped that up and left it overnight to dry. I know it didn't need that much time, but I didn't feel like working on anything else yesterday. I had made some 3' pipe clamps a while back and I find those work great for these panel-type glue ups. They're definitely way more convenient than those 5' ones I had made for bigger cabinets.

This morning I was able to get a little extra rest since it's a holiday, and then I went out to the garage to finish everything up. I took everything out of the clamps and sanded all the joints nice and smooth. I took some time to measure and attach the top, and then put in the runner assemblies for the drawer. I did a quick fit of everything, and it looks like everything worked out great. I then took the time to drill out the hole for the drawer knob, and then I did final sanding.

I'm going to finish this piece in a similar fashion to how I did the chest of drawers. I put on the glue size today and I think I can get a chance to dye it tomorrow. I thought about doing it the same color and then I realized that was psychotic because the first nightstand I made was made of poplar, and I'm pretty sure there's no way the pine I used this time would take the color and stain the same way. I thought about making it the same color as the chest of drawers, but since nothing in my room is built in the same style, I figured that I'd just go different with the color and use the cherry rosewood dye I bought a while back too. I got that and the pilgrim maple color dye that I used on the chest of drawers since I was intrigued with finding a different way to color wood on my projects. I wanted some easier application and more even coverage than what I could usually get from stain.

I had to get some new polyurethane today since the only can I have left is some clear satin that I didn't want to use on this project. I think I'll be able to finish this all up by the weekend and I hope that I can get it into my room by next week. I want to get to work on my bookcase, so I have to clean out the garage after this project is done and give myself some extra room.

So far I don't see too many limitations with the tools I have now. I can edge joint using my router table's split fence or even my table saw if I build a sled. If I have to face joint something, I can make a sled for my planer. That kind of eliminates my need for a jointer. I'm still hanging on to Nadine's dad's drill press so I'm good with that for now. If I could say there was a tool I wanted right now that I "needed", it would probably be a spindle sander or that Ridgid combination spindle/belt sander. I came to the conclusion that I'd like to make things that didn't just have straight lines, but I really don't want to sand those curves and stuff by hand. Some kind of spindle sander would be nice.

Things look pretty good with this nightstand. It is just going to be sitting in my bedroom and it'll have a lamp and stuff on it, so I doubt that anyone would be spending tons of time looking at and inspecting it. I think that Nadine's one came out better, and I am finding that poplar is way easier to work with than pine. I over-sanded in more than a few places and that didn't happen with the poplar. I think I might have to start thinking about using more hardwoods for projects.