Thursday, September 26, 2013

Finishing the top, and it's pretty much done

I glued up the pieces for the top of my planer cart yesterday afternoon, and I left it overnight to dry. I had to run to the store to pick up some things to mount the casters and things like that, so once I picked up all the things I needed, I was able to finish up the top.

The top is constructed out of a double layer of 3/4" MDF. I then topped it with a piece of 3/16" masonite. I oversized the masonite and then used my flush trim bit on my router to trim it perfect. I learned my lesson with that when I built my storage cabinets and bench when I tried to size the masonite perfectly. I struggled as normal trimming out the top with pine since my mitering skills suck. I'm thinking I just need more practice with it.

I installed the magnetic catches for the doors so they stay closed, and then put on the casters. I'm seriously questioning the logic of Home Depot's caster selection. I wanted two total locking casters and two regular casters -- they have total locking casters but no equivalent non-locking swivel casters. I had to resort to a couple conventional casters with brakes and two regular swivel casters. It doesn't lock down as solidly as I want, but it's solid enough.

It's all together, and it rolls around well.
With this done, I have to get the finish on it and the genius me forgot to buy some small lag bolts to attach the planer to the top, so I'm back to the hardware store tomorrow to get that. I think I'll leave this piece unstained and just put some kind of polyurethane or spar varnish on it. I'm leaning towards the spar because I'm going to have to roll this thing outside my garage to plane wood, so it will spend a little time outside.

I think that I can get the coats of finish on tomorrow and then work on filling up the cabinet with my assembly tools, nailers, and other stuff. With this done, I have to think about building an upgraded miter saw stand. After that, I'll try and clear up more space in the garage so that I can have room to build some other things for my room. I have a bookcase and my nightstand to make, so I have to pick up some wood for that. Of course, now that I have a home for my planer, rough hardwood lumber is probably in my future so I can build something using some decent wood and I can try my hand at making something using materials other than what I can get at the borgs.

It's like my router table's little brother.