Thursday, October 25, 2012

Router table completed

I got my router table finished up today and with that complete, my garage workshop is one step closer to being as versatile as I want it to be.

I put on a cherry stain and then finished it with two coats of polyurethane. The instructions on the poly say to put on three coats, but I figured that this isn't fine furniture, and it's going to be covered in sawdust half the time anyway, so I decided to just leave the 3rd coat out.

My attempt to sequence the front panels so that it looks like a single board worked out pretty well, and I'd be more inclined to do it on future projects that have continuous fronts. With the cabinet open in the middle, it kind of defeats the effect, especially with the heavy grain of the oak plywood I used.

The top looks like it will work out great, and the split fence works well. I have to build a couple of featherboards for this that will fit into the t-track I made on the fence, but that can wait. I have scraps of wood that I can use for that.

If I were going to make any change -- yes, I know that I just finished this would be to get a different color laminate for the top. It's not that I don't like green, but I'd like a brighter color. I always have to remember that I got the green laminate because I wasn't about to spend $72 for a full sheet of laminate in a color I wanted. I'm sure that in a few years when I want to make an improved router table, I'll get it and build it the way that I really want.

I would love to make some frame and panel doors with this table. That was one of the main reasons I wanted to build this table. Aside from routing small parts safely, the fact that I can now cope and stick doors and make divided light glass doors and other things like that much more easily as long as I can get the right bits. I can also do mortise and tenon joinery too. I feel like there are many more possibilities for me now that I have this table built. Since I have some scrap plywood and MDF, I can actually make a tenoning jig for my table saw now, and that will really help me out. I haven't made enough jigs to really make my tools as powerful as they should be.

In terms of future projects, I have four things that are really in the "immediate" category:
  • Shoe storage for the porch.
  • A cabinet for my fishing stuff.
  • A dresser for Nadine's Kimono.
  • A new stand for my chop saw.
In terms of priority, I think the fishing storage would be first since if I can clean that up, that should open up some space in my garage and give me more working area. Considering my garage is around 20x20, I shouldn't feel so cramped working in here. I know giving my fishing stuff a home will definitely help.

The other three projects will come as I get things worked out. I think the chop saw station would be the second thing I could make. Since it seems my chop saw isn't totally square, I'd like to make some adjustments to it. Problem is that I have it bolted to the table I made. I don't want to unbolt it, adjust it, then put it right back on the table when it doesn't solve the issue of my table being stationary.

Since my room isn't quite done yet, I think that I can finish my other shop and garage projects first and finish up the room. I still need to grout the tiles, finish painting, and lay the floor. I think that I can take care of that in the upcoming week, and then I can finally move back in there. I've pretty much spent all of October living out in the living room of the house, and I really want my room back.

I have to look at kimono storage for ideas as to how to build Nadine's kimono dresser, but I think I can come up with something. I also have a few ideas to help Nadine's dad out with organizing the garage at her house, and I think it will involve building a few cabinets there too. I spent a while talking to her dad last weekend and he seemed pretty receptive to some of my ideas, so I hope that I'll be able to help him out and make him a few things that will let him get the garage organized.

I'm thinking I may want to do some woodworking projects for Christmas gifts, but that's a bit tough considering I've never done any small-scale projects before, and you can't exactly package up a set of base cabinets and drop them at someone's house...

Lots to think about, and lots to plan. I'm sure that I'll be able to get it done in time. Hopefully good time...