Monday, April 2, 2012

Making progress

My garage cabinets are starting to really take shape now. I got another sheet of plywood the other day and started working on the small drawers and doors for the left side cabinet. I got to cutting the drawer sides yesterday and that was a pretty quick and easy process. It's amazing how much easier it was to do this time since I built the other drawers before. I tried to get to sizing bottom panels last night, but it got too late. I got to building them today.

Small Drawers done.
The small drawers went together much easier now that I understand a few things about my dado set and the procedures for putting the drawers together. First thing I should have realized is that my dado set is built undersized for modern plywood. That really helped, and it was basically set it and forget it from there.

The second thing I learned about installing drawers today is that cam adjusting slides are a godsend. I wasn't perfect with installing the drawer members of the slides, so the boxes weren't perfect in the drawer opening -- with the cam adjust, that was fixed in a matter of seconds. I can only imagine the frustration I'd be going through if I had to do it with the slotted holes in the drawer slides and all that.

I still need to make drawer fronts and doors. I got the doors built today since I had some time and I had to wait for the glue on the drawers to set up. I had cut the rails and stiles the other day and had them all milled up and ready for panels. I made those from the plywood I bought the other day since I have about a half sheet left.

clamped up and set aside to "cook"
These flat panel doors aren't quite the design my mom wants for her new kitchen, but I figured I should practice the design elements of making frame and panel doors. They're lighter than a slab door, and I'm sure that they're just as strong. I'd like to make frame and panel doors with a cope and stick profile, but since I don't have a router table yet, that will have to wait. After these cabinets are done, I'm going to work on cleaning up the garage more and I'm going to redo my chop saw table to make it fit my workbench. That way I can use the bench top as an extension for my chop saw.

Even though my drawers and stuff aren't technically done, that doesn't mean that I can't use them already. One of my small drawers was going to be fastener storage, and all my screws and brads fit perfectly in there. The other one was going to be for driver, bit, and other miscellaneous storage. I think it'll work out very well for now. I'm thinking I'll need to re-purpose some things to make it all work just right if I start collecting router bits, but one of my big drawers on the right side is basically unused right now, so there's still some configuring I can do.
all the screws fit...
this is going to need some more work.