Thursday, April 5, 2012

The end is in sight

I'm one more day away from finishing my garage cabinets. I made a really stupid mistake the day before and cut panels for my right side drawer fronts without double-checking my measurements. Turns out the measurements I wrote down were the inside measurements of the opening, and I didn't add in the amount for the tongue that fits into the groove for the frame. So, now I have a couple of pieces that I'll have to re-cut and make something else out of. I do need some small upper storage for things like pencils, glue, and all I'm not throwing those pieces away.

Added on the pulls for the drawers.
I got some drawer pulls and a straight cutting router bit from Lowe's this afternoon, and then got to work putting on the pulls. Had to drill some counter-bores in the drawer front to accommodate the fact that the front and the false front were wider than the length of the screw, but it was an easy fix.

I did the glue-up for the right side drawer fronts, and when I was checking the fit, I found out I must have either measured something wrong, or accounted for a space that wasn't there, so the drawer fronts finish out about 1/8" short compared to the doors. I figured it must have been a measuring mistake. I'll leave it how it is, and remember to measure out the doors and stuff better next time. This bench is supposed to be functional, so I can live with a small space at the bottom. If and when I decide to make a new bench, I'll fix it then.

Almost done..