Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garage Cabinets...

I finally got a chance to work on my garage cabinets today. I had to do some maintenance on my table saw since I hadn't really used it for almost 2 months. The cast iron table was starting to rust a little, so I had to clean all that off and rewax the top. Luckily the rust was light and there wasn't any pitting. I'll have to start working on my woodworking stuff more often so that I don't run into those problems again.

I had bought a new dado set that I didn't get a chance to use until today, and I'm extremely happy with it. For the price I paid, it cuts nice straight sides and very flat bottoms. I spent a good amount of time cutting dadoes and rabbets in my cabinet sides. After that, I decided to make my bottom panels and stretchers. Since I've been attempting to clean my garage, my chop saw was out of commission, so I did everything with my table saw. This taught me a few things:

  • I injure myself more with stationary tools.
  • Wood really does expand and contract with humidity - my panel cutter needs some adjusting so it actually works again. Thankfully, that 30" right rip capacity on my saw came in very handy today.
  • Having the right tools for the job makes life way easier.
  • My table saw makes a nice table since I don't have my bench finished yet.
I'm getting a little better with the nail gun too. Only blew one brad through the side of the cabinet - luckily it was on the inside and no one's going to see that once I put the drawers in.

I also built a small dust separator back before I started teaching again which I finally got a good chance to use today and it worked beautifully. The separator holds most of the chips and dust, and very little of it made it into my actual bucket shop vac. I thought that was a definite plus -- less sweeping out the garage for me.

In general, I thought today was definitely a win in terms of me remembering how to build things and getting things to work out properly. Next thing on my list is the drawers for the cabinet I just made and to put together the other carcase for my second cabinet. 
Cabinet carcase finished. Now for drawers.

With some luck, maybe I can get this all done by the end of Spring Break...I'm not holding my breath on that, though. It seems that I always run out of time when I want to get things done. I only wish I could cut wood at 3 in the morning.