Friday, March 16, 2012

Garage cabinet #2

I got my second cabinet carcase put together today. After learning that I cut my dadoes too deep, I'll have to keep notes for next time so that I don't make that mistake next time I make some other cabinets -- there is a mobile shop table I want to make, but I need to finish my base cabinets first.

After cutting parts yesterday, I realized I made a really stupid mistake and cut some of my stretchers before I did a good inventory of my parts. So, I ended up without a bottom stretcher for my cabinet. While I'm a bit irritated by that, I know that I have to buy some more 3/4" plywood anyway, so I can just make another stretcher with a scrap from that. The nice thing is that both of my cabinets are square, so my cutting skills have gotten better.

I went out to Home Depot tonight and got a couple more clamps so I'll be able to put together my drawers. I also picked up a beam level so I can level out my cabinets. I was originally going to use leveling feet for my cabinet, but I figured I'd do it the old fashioned way and use shims. I also figured that 12 shims cost $2...leveling feet cost a bit more than that, and I'm not going to need 12 shims to level out my cabinet, I hope. If I do, then my garage floor is definitely more uneven than I thought.

I've made my materials list to finish out the cabinets, so with some luck, I'll be able to get this done by the end of next week. Then I can work on organizing my garage and getting stuff cleaned up. Then I'll have at least something I can kind of call a workshop.

Cabinet #2...just have to build the internal parts.
I debated putting some kind of finish on these cabinets, but I decided against it since they're for the garage, and I'm not sure I want to go through the trouble. I'm still debating on the door design too, but I think that can be settled later.  I could make slab doors, but I know I can cut square panels, so I may decide to test my door making skills by making a frame and panel style door just for the hell of it.

Like always, I really wish there were more time in the day so I could actually get projects done...